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WebServicesSOAPClient  problems

Question asked by pietro.corasaniti on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by daniel.santana

I am trying to invoke a webService through the use of the WebServicesSOAPClient connector and WebServicesSOAPClient operation, but I can not see any response from the WS.


Here is attached the process (1) that calls the WS and the details of the WSSoapClient connector (2) and WSSoapClientOperation (3)


(attacched 1)

(attacched 2)

(attacched 3)

I'm calling a moccked web service service on
I report the service detail

(attacched 4 mock)


When I execute process, everything seems to be successful but no document is produced and I receive the following message

" Start shape retrieved  no documents. "


Instead everything runs correctly if I use the HTTPClient connector setting the soapAction="getCatalogoLibri" and even
if I make the SOAP call with SOAPUI, I receive the XML response correctly.

Many thanks