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How to create AR SAP document with multiple items?

Question asked by zulfikar.mohammed415913 on Jan 16, 2018

I have an issue where I am trying to create AR invoices in SAP from a text file.  The integration works and creates documents in SAP using the IDOC ACC_DOCUMENT03. My issue is that the mapping which I have configured is creating a separate SAP document for each data line which is read from the text file.


I'm not sure how and where to configure boomi so that for each Document Reference in the source file, all the lines are grouped and sent to a single document in SAP.


Ive looked at changing looping option in the IDOC XML profile, but Im not sure how this should be setup?


The header element E1BPACHE09 in the IDOC profile includes the REF_DOC_NO for which and I need to create a separate SAP document, with all the lines.  I have attached the XML output for your reference.


The attached file includes a document '06XX0551', which has lines 10 & 20, with additional lines 11 & 21 created within the mapping.


The process creates a separate document for line 20 & 21, and then a separate document for 10 & 11.  I need to generated a single document with all these lines : 10,11,20 & 21


I would appreciate any help or advice