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Public Signed Certificate On Boomi Atom Cloud

Question asked by kolin.htat485027 on Jan 17, 2018


I am new to Boomi and zero-technical knowledge for Certificate. Sorry for novice question.


We are developing an EDI process and will be hosted on Boomi Atom CLOUD.


1. We sent request to symantec (eg: , CN name is for public signed certificate
2. We have our certificate from symantec, provided us 3 files (cert.p7b , IntermediateCA.cer , ssl_certificate.cer )

So, what are the steps do I need to follow in Boomi to import those files (process will be hosted in Boomi Atom Cloud) ?
And what info/file do I need to provide to others ( trading partner)?

Please also correct me , if my understanding of the whole concept is worng.