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Deployments Best Practices

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by mmorthala189353

Please forgive me if there was a thread already on this topic.

I'm not confident in the way deployments is done.  This is probably lack of knowledge.  We have 3 atoms (dev, test, and prod).  On the AtomSphere, we have setup folders per environments (1_PROD, 2_TEST, and 3_DEV).  Whenever I'm ready to deploy to the next environment, I first go to say 2_TEST folder, detach the process to the test atom, delete the subfolder.  Then I copy (do not select copy dependents) it to the 2_TEST root folder.  Deploy the process that was just deleted and attached it back to the test atom.  I think this is not ideal and would cause headaches and inconsistency in the long run.  So, what is the proper way to perform deployments of components with confidence that things were being lost.  I really didn't like the way the folder was structure but this was suggested by consultant.