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Special characters are getting transformed in message step

Question asked by prsingh218 on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by britto.parthalomew

Hi All,


I am doing integration from a 3rd party system to salesforce. I will get xml file from source system, from this xml structure i need to extract one tag value(<return>), which is holding a JSON structure. 

This JSON structure then i need to use in map to send it to salesforce.

I am able to extract the tag value using message shape (XML profile variable).

Now the issue is, this JSON has some special characters(Chinese characters) which are getting transformed into question mark(?) while inserting record to salesforce.


Kindly suggest what should i do to retain my message as coming from external system throughout the flow.


below is my xml structure and message shape screenshot


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
<ns0:Urc xmlns:ns0="">
<ns1:sendToWISEResponse xmlns:ns1="">
<return>{"pageno":1,"errno":"0","pageNum":1,"data":[{"posm_type":"1001S2100000001KS07W","marbasclass":"Wobbler跳跳贴","posm_menu":"01030208","is_audit":"Y","material":"0001S2100000000EUPIN","posm_tier":"A4","name":"FY1718 OND Olay PCC 900ml跳跳贴","code":"M17110000113","cctime":"3","measdoc":"个","enablestate":2,"dr":0,"unitqty":"2000","imageurl":"","usetime":"2","catelog_name":"","catelog_code":"","isqrcode":"N","memo":"","ts":"2018-01-03 10:43:45"}],"errmsg":"成功"}</return>






Thank you!