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Email Alert delays more and more frequent - Are others having the same issue?

Question asked by GuinScholl3001 on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by dcollins724067

I am curious if others have noticed that over the past month or two there seem to be a lot of issues with delays in receiving exception alerts from the Boomi platform?  There is a current issue (reported on  and Boomi is stating that it is impacting a small number of customers.  We of course happen to be in that small number of impacted customers.   None of our process exception messages since 4am on 1/17 have been delivered yet.  About every half hour we get one one email from an exception that occurred about 36 hours in the past.   The concerning thing is that it appears there is a backlog of a large quantity of old alerts that need to be delivered before any new alerts that have occurred in the last 36 hours can be delivered.   So the alerting mechanism (for us at least) has been useless for almost two days now.   


So I was curious if others are having the same issue?


I'm considering moving towards using the MAIL connector for all of our critical alerting and messaging functionality since we seem to be having significant delays using the built-in platform notifications that are driven from the EXCEPTION SHAPE.   Just curious if that's a methodology that others use for messaging/alerting to augment the built-in alerting of the platform?


thanks for any insight others have had related to this issue.