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Molecule can not be restarted from Boomi Web Frontend

Question asked by ch.contzen061487 on Jan 22, 2018

Dear all,


we have an Atom Installation for testing purposes and a molecule cluster with two servers for the production environment. Sometimes the molecule service crashes and can not restart. Also if I send the restart action via the platform - nothing happens - the molecule service stops working but doesn't restart. I have to restart the molecule via windows services.


Any idea how to debug the issue? Where should I take a closer look? The installation folder is located on a file server. We use a dedicated service user. The local atom of the test environment - with a local installation folder on the on-premise server (using the same service user) can be restarted via the web frontend without any problem.


As far as I understand - a PowerShell script is used to stop and restart a service...


Any suggestion highly appreciated