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Tracking Component Versions across environments

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2018
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I have a similar question to this:Is there an API to retrieve process details? 


I understand during process deployment, a snapshot of all related components at their current revision is bundled into the process and deployed.


From the UI, you can even pull up a list of a deployment's constituent components, and their revision number.


What is NOT clear, is the relationship of shared components during separate deployments.



Two processes, Process1 and Process2, both make use of the same database profile - DBTableProfile - because they target the same table.  


1.  Process1 is deployed to DEV environment.  DBTableProfile revision 1 is packaged and deployed with it.

2.  I make changes to DBTableProfile, and save it to revision 2.

3.  Process2 is deployed to DEV environment, WITHOUT redeploying Process1.  DBTableProfile revision 2 is packaged and deployed with it.

4.  Both Process1 and Process2 are deployed to TST environment. DBTableProfile revision 2 is packaged and deployed with them.



The result I would expect is for DEV to have two revisions of DBTableProfile while TST has just one revision - revision 2.



So I'm curious if my understanding is correct - deploying Process2 will NOT automatically change Process1's reference?  Revision 1 will remain on DEV until Process1 is redeployed?


Next question I have, is there some coherent manner in which I can manage shared component revisions across many different processes across multiple environments?