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Process Backup - Best Practices?

Question asked by michael.banschbach359760 on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by mmorthala189353

Hey Boomi Community!


This is a question on best practices and capabilities revolving around storing copies of a process somewhere after completion. First, some context.


Our integration department is responsible for building processes for each of our customer to handle integrations. Usually there are about 4-5 processes per Customer. Each of our Customers, has their own Boomi account that we do the work on and deploy to our platform (where they can run and manage them).


Most of the time, said Customers will not have access to their own Boomi accounts, it's more of a place for us to do the work. However for our bigger clients, they will want and have their access. It's common that they will even edit and update what we delivered at some point, then ask us again for assistance. 



There is a need for us to store a copy of our processes for what we delivered at the time of delivery somewhere other than the Customers account. My question is how best to facilitate this?


Should we create a separate Boomi account to hold "last delivered" copy of processes by Customer? The concern with this idea is storage space on an account.


Should we create a snapshot backup of what was delivered per customer account?


I'm trying to figure out if this scenario has come up before or if there is something in Boomi I can leverage to streamline a solution. 


I know that Boomi has delete recovery and revision capabilities, but we have a business need for a snapshot of what was delivered before handing the keys over.


Thoughts? and Thanks!