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How to update Salesforce records from Anaplan

Question asked by on Jan 24, 2018

Hello Experts,


I am trying to update record(s) in salesforce based on changes made in Anaplan.  Below is an image showing the process configured so far:


Anaplan to SFDC Process


I am able to successfully extract the data records from Anaplan as a CSV file and generate multiple documents (1 for each line in the CSV file) using the data process shape - split documents.  However, I am not able to get these documents to flow through the process and get into Salesforce.


Being a newbie in Boomi, I must be missing several key steps along the process and have these questions:

  1. Do I need to convert the individual documents generated above to an XML type profile?  If yes, how do I do that?
  2. Also, do I need to configure anything else in the process that acts as a 'primary key' between the document and the salesforce record (such as the account ID), to update the record?  If yes, how do I do that?
  3. Am I missing any other key steps?


Please, let me know if you need more info to understand this process configuration.  I'd really appreciate if you can kindly assist and guide me further.


Thank you in advance.