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Using just Services Enablement instead of API Management

Question asked by will.french812882 on Jan 24, 2018
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We're attempting to integrate with a cloud service that sends webhooks/notifications. We can accept the POSTs just fine and kick off our integration process, however the system we're connecting to has a "healthcheck" that sends a GET to the same endpoint URL.


If we just deploy the GET listener process, we can complete the healthcheck without issue

If we just deploy the POST listener process, we can complete the desired process when we get a webhook


However, if we deploy both (which is required) the POST seems to receive priority and then the GET call fails because it expects a body, which the GET doesn't send.


Is there a way to just user Services Enablement and properly route based on the method (GET vs POST)? Or, do we need API Management to do the routing as seen below (our account does not currently have this feature):

This is from API Management, which our account currently does not have


Thanks for the help!