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Decision does not read boolean Process Property

Question asked by on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by srajakri496000

This is on a private cloud / boomi atom...


I am attempting to read a boolean process property with a decision shape, but it does not read the value at all.  No matter how I set the process property, it evaluates to false.


I have set the default to true, default to false, checked it, unchecked it, and I am ripping my hair out.  Please help?


Process Property to all debug configuration by environment


Here I am referencing it in a decision shape.  It should read true or false during run time.


I have it set as parameter 1 of the decision shape.


During test mode, I have tried checking/unchecking "Use Default," and I have tried checking "Use Data"

Everything is defaulted to True, yet it still evaluates to false.  

What am I missing?