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Is anyone using the Cloud Gateway runtime configuration?

Question asked by ashley.betts334011 on Jan 29, 2018
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Hi All,
   Has anyone implemented the Cloud Gateway deployment pattern as described in the 'Selecting a Runtime Architecture' section of the Architect course? I've added a snippet from the slide below. The aspect that caught my interest is 'without opening a firewall port'. Is this achieved in similar fashion to how the local atoms report back to the platform (i.e. they initiate the connection to the platfrom, not the reverse)? I'd also be interested in any experience (positive or negative) others may be prepared to share on the production use of this pattern. Especially in regards to stablility, supportablity and cost(ability ;).



Cloud Gateway

A Cloud Gateway is a strategy for making local endpoints available for processing within the
Boomi Atom Cloud without opening a firewall port. It is a combination of Boomi Atom Cloud and
a local Atom. Useful when integrating a local endpoint with multiple Trading Partners.


Boomi Atom Cloud forwards to local runtime via web services.