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Data Process - Split Document (with Identifier Instances)

Question asked by alees293863 on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by leif_jacobsen

Hi There,


I'm looking to INSERT/UPDATE records into a Database from a JSON profile.

Whenever I use Identifier Instances I get black records inserted into the database (NULLs)


This is the snippet of JSON I'm using:

"Job-Notes": {
  "Note": [{
    "Note-Text": "HELLO WORLD!!!",
    "Task-ID": "TASKID0001",
    "Note-Type": {
    "Code": "GENERAL"
  "Reference-ID": "value"
    "Note-Text": "HELLO WORLD!!!",
    "Task-ID": "TASKID0002",
    "Note-Type": {
    "Code": "GTNOTE"
  "Reference-ID": "value"



I'm splitting on the Note Array and getting two results from the Split.

The problem being - since the second note is an Identifier Instance - it does *NOT* insert into the Database.


JSON Job-Notes from Profile:


Process Snippet:


Split Element:


I'm expecting either:

a) The Split Documents to skip over the second Note (Note-Type: GTNOTE) and do nothing with it - my second Branch is setup to handle this.

b) The Split Documents to insert the Note as though it were not contained in the Identifier Instance


Branch 2 is setup to handle the Identifier Instance INSERT (assuming Option a from above is correct) so I do get the record I'm after in the Database but it's the 2nd line that shouldn't be inserting.



This shows where I am expecting either a single document (option a) or two different documents (option b) but what I get is the same document and the NULL from above.


Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


Thank you kindly,