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Web Services Server Operation

Question asked by arunsri.bal.subramanian768693 on Feb 7, 2018



  We are using Web service listener and we have Single XML Object as Request and Multiple XML Object as Response. So when response is Multiple XML Object, it will include a new request type where you can specify the moreDataToken. This is fine and visible in SOAP UI. 


For example: it generated new request GetEmployeeDataMoreResults  with just Input parameter as 'moreDataToken' and the client application should request again with the moredatatoken to get remaining results.


My question is, Boomi generates this GetEmployeeDataMoreResults  request automatically and the response is same as we maintained in Webservice Server Operation. but the client application tool(WSDL discovery tool ), is asking for a OUT parameter ( response ), eventhough the response is same their tool is not showing it . GetEmployeeDataMoreResultsResponse does not have any element. Should it not have same as GetEmployeeDataResponse?