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Test Connection to BackEnd from Boomi

Question asked by rakesh.nair578557 on Jun 11, 2018
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I need some help in building utility / process to test a HTTPs connection from boomi to the backend system (Web Service). Objective is to test Backend Endpoint from Boomi before the actual business transaction flows the Boomi process so that Firewall Rules , SSL Certs , Rewrite rules can be tested. 


I saw some documentation around "Test Connection using the CUSTOM method" 

Sample Test Connection implementation  

But still NOT sure how to override this method. 

public class ExampleBrowser extends BaseBrowser implements ConnectionTester {      public ExampleBrowser(ExampleConnection conn)      {          super(conn);      }       @Override      public void testConnection() {          try {              ///.. Code here to form a connection ..///          }          catch (Exception e) {              throw new ConnectorException("Could not establish a connection", e);          }      } }


Once I know how to override this method .. do I know to put in grrovy file and assign to Data Process Shape ? 

Does anyone any step by step guide to achieve the same. 


Thanks for your help