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Generating a JSON Profile - Number Format populated with "#"

Question asked by richard_moon Employee on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by richard_moon

I am posting this on behalf of our partner e-Builder.  They may also chime in with additional details and/or corrections to my description of the issue.


The e-Builder team have built a Boomi connector to interface with their e-Builder application REST API.  That REST API is JSON based.  The Connector SDK has built in logic that will generate a JSON profile for use in your integration process based on a given JSON schema.  The generation of the JSON profile is handled under the covers by the Connector SDK code (not under the control of the developer who built the e-Builder connector).


Here is my understanding of the problem that the e-Builder team is running into:  The JSON schema that is supplied to the Connector SDK includes numbers.  Some of those numbers can include decimals (e.g., 100.55).  The JSON Profile that the Connector SDK generates populates the "Number format" field with a # symbol (pound-sign).  This has the effect of rounding the number.  100.55 becomes 101 in subsequent mapping of the data because the JSON profile is inaccurate.  100.44 becomes 100.


That # does not belong there.  I don't believe the schema had any indication that this number should have no decimals.

Have any other customers run into this issue?  Based on a little Googling, the schema presumably looks like this:

{ "type": "number" }

I am not sure there is actually a way to indicate number of decimals in a JSON schema.


This question is probably for the Boomi Connector SDK development team:  Within the internal workings of the SDK code, how does it determine what the Number Format should be?  What would cause it to be populated with "#"?  It would be helpful if Charbel from e-Builder can show us a snippet from the schema.